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Praxistest: Während der Nacht der Ausbildung konnten alle Interessierten unser Ausbildungsangebot besser kennenlernen.
Jobs and career

From forging to milling: Vocational Training Night in Eisenhüttenstadt was once again a huge success

By On 12. October 2015

In the evening of 25 September 2015, the fourth Vocational Training Night took place at our plant in Eisenhüttenstadt. More than 700 visitors came to the vocational training center of ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt… Read More

Stahlgipfel Nordrhein-Westfalen am 21. September 2015 in Düsseldorf

Strong with steel: At the summit for North Rhine-Westphalia

By On 22. September 2015

The EU’s climate protection plans jeopardise jobs, growth, investments and the future of steel industry in Germany and Europe. „We need fair competitive conditions“, we appealed to politicians at the steel summit… Read More

Für 64 neue Auszubildende bei ArcelorMittal Bremen begann am 1. September der Ernst des Lebens.
Jobs and career

A successful start into working life – the new apprentices arrived!

By On 7. September 2015

Probably without a special school cornet, but as excited as on their first day of school – many young people take a first step into their career at this time. We from… Read More

Die BDI-Abteilung Energie- und Klimapolitik besuchte ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt

How does ArcelorMittal actually save energy?

By On 7. August 2015

In their daily work life, the employees of the energy and climate policies department of the Federation of German Industries (BDI) constantly engage on energy saving. In addition, the association cooperates with ArcelorMittal… Read More

Think global – Act local

A world champion visits Eisenhüttenstadt

By On 27. July 2015

Sandra Minnert can point to several success stories: she became World Champion in 2003 and 2007, Vice-World Champion in 1995, European Champion in 1995, 1997, 2001 and 2005 and Bronze Medal winner at the… Read More

Unterwegs im Stahlwerk von ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt

How ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt contributes to climate protection – a plant visit with the economy minister

By On 20. July 2015

On 15 July 2015, European Commission submitted a reform proposal for emission trading that drastically contradicts their strategy for jobs, economic growth and investments. Moreover, it does not take into account the… Read More

Das ArcelorMittal-Werk in Gent

For a sustainable future: from waste gases to bioethanol

By On 16. July 2015

As of 2017, ArcelorMittal will use waste gases of steelmaking to produce bioethanol for fuels which can be used by half a million cars to fill their tanks.  We will produce around… Read More

Bremen und Dünkirchen: Azubis im Austausch
Jobs and career

Bremen and Dunkerque: An exchange of trainees

By On 14. July 2015

ArcelorMittal is the world’s biggest steel and mining company. That’s why it offers many opportunities to its trainees to learn more about other countries and cultures. In April 2015, 12 trainees of… Read More

Mein Team: „AMDUPERSO – ArcelorMittal Duisburg Personalwesen“
This is us

629 kilometres across the country – ArcelorMittal Duisburg and Hamburg compete in walking

By On 9. July 2015

This competition could not have been more exciting. ArcelorMittal Duisburg and ArcelorMittal Hamburg fought up to the last second. The last few metres were really tight, but in the end, the Duisburg… Read More

Hüttenfest 2010 bei ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt
Think global – Act local

Nena rocks the steel city

By On 7. July 2015

How is Nena used to sing? „ Anyplace, anywhere, anytime.“ Not anytime! On 11 July, the time will come in Eisenhüttenstadt. Plant  and city will celebrate their 65th birthday with a big plant… Read More

Spundwände von ArcelorMittal

Wider, lighter, stronger – ArcelorMittal’s new AZ-800 sheet piles

By On 3. July 2015

What began over 100 years ago with 394 mm wide Z-shaped profiles, reached its climax on 24 June 2015 in the Maritime Museum of Hamburg. In a historical atmosphere, 800 mm wide… Read More

Kreativtage: Workshop Bildhauerei
Jobs and career

A break from everyday work with steel – Creativity Days at ArcelorMittal Bremen

By On 29. June 2015

From 26 to 28 May 2015, the Bremen trainees of the year 2014 took part in a very special event – they attended the Creativity Days together! Three days of a creative… Read More

„Junge Hüpfer“ lernen von „alten Hasen“ bei ArcelorMittal Duisburg
Jobs and career

Knowledge transfer – “spring chickens” learn from “old stagers” at ArcelorMittal

By On 19. June 2015

Demographic change demands the exchange and transfer of knowledge. ArcelorMittal Duisburg’s project “Knowledge Tramsfer” brings generations together and at the same time it secures valuable practical knowledge. It is said: “Older employees are slower,… Read More

World Marathon Majors
This is us

Hard as steel: 6 big marathons in 6 years

By On 11. June 2015

Thomas Holst is one of 40 people in Germany who have accomplished something very special. Within six years, he ran six of the world’s biggest marathons. Berlin, Boston, Chicago, London, New York… Read More